Common Mot Failures That One Shop At An Auto Car

Common Mot Failures That One Shop At An Auto Car Parts Store Can Avoid

You think your car is in great shape. It runs well and you havent had a major problem with it in ages. Then, to your surprise, when you take it for its MOT it fails – because of something silly like a worn windscreen wiper or a blown headlight – something that you could have very easily fixed before you took the car in with one quick visit to a car parts retailer.

The best way to avoid a costly – and ultimately unnecessary – MOT failure is to perform a pre MOT check yourself. You do not necessarily even have to be a complete complete petrol head to do so, as the most common reasons for MOT failures – year after year – are simple ones, rather than failures due to more serious mechanical defects. Here are some of the more common reasons for MOT failure and what you should be looking for:

Lights: Light faults are the number one reason why cars fail their MOT. All of your lights must not only be fully functional but they have to meet a minimum brightness level. Something as simple a small short can dull lights and even something as simple as a loose cover can be a cause of MOT failure. You should also remember that these days it is mandatory that your registration plate is illuminated. If you have any doubts about any of the lights on your car replacing them is a relatively easy process and you should be able to find the right parts for your car at a good auto car parts dealer.

Exhaust: Exhaust system failures are another perfectly avoidable but very common cause of MOT failure. What you are really looking for here are leaks. To check your exhaust have someone place a rag over the exhaust pipe while you have the engine running. Now its up to you to look for fumes escaping from where they shouldn’t be. Its easier to do this if the car is jacked up and of course dont perform this test in a closed garage.

Windscreen Wipers: Yes, your car can fail its MOT because your windscreen wipers are just not up to standard. For something that simple. Or for having mirrors that are not fully adjustable! The good news is that when it comes to auto parts UK stores tend to carry a wide selection of car parts large and small in one place, so you should be able to find a new set of windscreen wipers and a new mirror in the same place as you find new headlights or a new exhaust pipe.