Domestic Key Spare Parts Are Still Import

China’s auto industry in the world has a field, but China’s car market without core technology, whether in the automotive industry or spare parts industry’s key parts are still depend on import.

Recently, China auto parts industry for the most massive investigation and evaluation report shows that Chinese market, on the background of foreign auto parts company has an absolute advantage in the high-tech fields. China has become the world’s largest car market, global multinational auto parts companies to increase investment in the Chinese market, foreign auto parts company relies on its technical, management and existing customer relationship and so on, auto market performance is very outstanding, especially in the high-tech fields is absolute dominance.

Long-term, foreign-owned enterprises not only hold the key component of core technology, and also monopoly provides matching parts market. But the present situation is let foreign parts enterprises speed up expansion in China; according to abroad data, in the financial crisis, 2009 the global auto parts supplier performance greatly decreased, and performance well emerging markets has become the hope.

Facing the current market condition in parts enterprises has try their best to changing this situation, but the general situation is still controlled by foreign company, experts point out that how to solve enterprises key parts problem, the enterprise core competitiveness as followings:

First, ductility. The core competitiveness for enterprises provides a variety of products into the market. That is to say, a core technical ability can make the company get competitive advantage in many core products.

Second, practicability. Core competence can bring the large customer value. All the competition is to satisfy customer demand, must make products with customers practical value.

Third, the uniqueness. The core competitiveness should not easily imitated by competitors. Generally speaking, the core competitiveness of the enterprise has high barriers for rival, the proportion of the intelligent ingredient in the core competitiveness has increased, and the company can depend on core competitiveness gain long-term competitive advantage.

Fourth, low cost. Cheap labor cost is China auto parts companies’ advantages, but the low cost does not represent low profit. As long as you can fully exert cost price, the profit is still high.

Fifth, high-quality service. Relative to the brand image and commercial credit, service ability can reflect the value belong to late value; enterprise service ability determines whether the enterprises can last development. Includes pre-sale and after-sale support and so on.

Sixth, high quality. No doubt product quality is enterprise’s life, no good products, even if good enterprise can do nothing.