Exploring The Car Condenser And The Car Door Mirror With

Exploring The Car Condenser And The Car Door Mirror With Vista Auto Parts

The safety of your car from other drivers while on the road and keeping your car on in the right lane are duties that are duly delegated to the car door mirror. On the other hand, driving in comfort in relation to fresh air is the duty of the car condenser. If these two components are functioning properly it is more likely that you’ll enjoy your drive every time.

The car condenser, also known as the car air conditioning system, is made up of several parts namely the compressor, evaporator, receiver and the expansion valve. The car condenser also contains a refrigerant which is a chemical similar to a fridges cooling gas.

This is how the car condenser works: The compressor sucks in the refrigerant gas and compresses it in turn making it hot. The hot gas then flows to the condenser coils where the gas loses its heat thanks to the fan. Once the heat is dispersed the refrigerant gas turns into liquid. The expansion valve regulates the flow of the refrigerant and also converts the liquid into cold gas. The remaining liquid part of the refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator and finally the wholesome cold gas can be taken to the receiver. A car condenser needs a receiver which will function to filter the cold air before it goes to collect the hot uncomfortable air in the cars interior.

One obviously does not need to learn the operation and functions of the car door mirror unless you need to delve into details of the automatic mirrors. Recent technologies have introduced the auto dimming car door mirror. Such a type of car door mirror darkens to reduce the glare from the headlamps of a car coming from behind. The brighter the glare the darker the car door mirror will be, making travelling at night much safer. Most drivers use the car door mirror for two operations i.e. when backing up and when changing lanes while on the highway. A crucial point to note when adjusting the car door mirror is to tend to blind spots i.e. the areas where your field of vision is not clear. This is a potential death sentence especially when driving on highways – ensure that the car door mirror is adjusted for maximum road view.

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