How to sell used car online

Interested in making some extra cash on the side? Perhaps you know a lot about cars and want to parlay that into a side gig. Either way learning how to sell used auto parts on Ebay can be a real money-making opportunity if you follow a few easy steps. More and more people are turning to the internet to find used auto parts at affordable prices, and this is your chance to learn how to sell used car parts on Ebay

Step 1 Purchase a junked car. Place an ad about wanting junk cars in newspapers and purchase them from private owners or contact insurance companies that have totaled a car and ask if you can purchase the junked car from them.

Step 2 Tow the junked cars to the location where you plan to store them.

Step 3 Inventory the junked car for working auto parts. Make a list of the parts you will salvage from the junked car.

Step 4 Decide on a price for the individual auto parts. After you have made your inventory for the junked car parts, you’ll have to determine a price for each auto part to sell on Ebay.

Step 5 Disassemble the junked car and sort its working auto parts you will sell.

Step 6 Create a detailed Ebay listing for each auto part you are selling from the junked car. In order to sell the junk car auto parts on, you will want to have a good description of each auto part and list it with a picture so potential customers can see what they are bidding on. Determine if you will list the junked car parts as an auction or a buy it now.

Step 7 Wait for the winning bid on your junked car part that you listed

Step 8 Wait for the purchaser of the auto part to make their payment.

Step 9 Ship the junked car part you sold.

(By delawaregeek, eHow Member)