Interview Ning Guofei Eagle Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Sun Qichun

Interview Ning Guofei Eagle Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Sun Qichun – Ningguo Fei Ying, brake pads, clutc

HC Network : Sunzong Hello, Would you please briefly describe your company’s history and current state of business?

Sunzong: Ningguo Fei Ying Auto Parts Co., Ltd. established in 1995, the main products are brake pads and clutch. Since its founding date, it has been in rapid development. Especially in 2006, in order to expand production scale and to respond to Ningguo the government’s call the whole company moved to Ningguo from Hangzhou, and Nanjing States to establish a production base of 120 acres, constructed in two stages. The first phase covers an area of 60 acres and opened in November 2006. Phase II covers an area of 50 acres, is expected to be completed in 2010, which is under construction now. Phase II will be fully automated using modern advanced production equipment and production technology, the domestic industry is now completely different from the general production technology and equipment. Upon completion, significantly improve product quality and enterprise productivity. Eagle shares will become the first red drum brake production of 20,000 tons of business. .

Ning Guofei Eagle Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Sun Qichun 2007 8 months, because the company needs, I will be combined with other shareholders increased to 10 million registered capital, and the company officially changed its name to: Ning Guofei Eagle Auto Parts Co., Ltd., referred to as: Eagle shares. Eagle shares after capital increase is more rapid development, have the after-sales, foreign trade, the host Supporting Overall layout of the three major markets. And in 2008, 2009, exports were hit more than 5 million U.S. dollars in the remarkable performance so that the “Eagle shares” a Chinese drum brake key export brands and leading enterprises. In 2009, Eagle shares validated by the national high-tech enterprises.

2010, we strived to set up group to complete the company’s development of a major leap.

Now, “Eagle shares” has become a company with assets of 90 million, eight workshops, nearly 40 thousand square meters workshop with international standards, annual Friction Materials 1 million tons, 300,000 sets of clutch, large auto parts companies with annual sales of billions of dollars, top out in the national counterparts.

HC network: your company’s main products? Can single out one or two brief overview of the most representative?

Sunzong: Our company’s main products are two major categories: First, automotive brake pads; Second, Clutch and pressure plate assembly.

Brake products, our market demand at home and abroad, field trips, after all the road live, professional development and a variety of prescription products. In the production process, we use the CNC drilling machine for accurate positioning, significantly improve the accuracy of hole position, product quality ahead of drilling in the accompanying manual. For example, we developed 296 recipes Watertown brake, the product ceramic fiber, aramid fibers, metal fibers, raw materials such as titanium green made in conjunction with brake sensitivity, wear exceptionally strong, not to hurt the brake drums, brake low noise characteristics of the friction coefficient of stability, especially for city buses, luxury buses and other vehicles. In addition, we also wear the king, Sands 999 patented products such as fist. The quality of our brake pads are free products in Yunnan Province.

Our clutch is based on matching the original host plant of FAW?? Hangzhou Clutch Factory of technical equipment for technical innovation, has been supporting some of the host into the light vehicle testing.

HC Network: Do you believe in the domestic market to do Marketing What is the most difficult? Any solution?

Sun Zong: China’s automobile production and sales in 2009 were 13,791,000 and 13,644,800 to complete, shows that China Automotive Industry And spare parts market great potential. This huge domestic market is largely divided into three blocks: after-sales service market, host supporting the market, bus and bridge supporting the market, now we have access to these three areas and have achieved good results. It should be said that each of three market characteristics, also have difficulties, but I think the problem is not always difficult, seek ways to overcome on it. The cake because the market is large enough, we need to do is through efforts to build and strengthen our own strengths, which is reflected in the following three aspects:

1, Rapid Response: We have a strong technical development capabilities, on the car brake in time to follow up the development model. Every year, introduced many new technologies, new formulations, new models to meet market demand at all levels.

2, full range: We have a complete product line, more than 1,000 product models mold, the product line coverage of heavy vehicles, mid-size car, light truck, bus, trailer and other vehicles. Full range is one of the company’s core competencies can be said, provided that run off the road Truck We can produce models that match their manufacturing brake pads, clutch.

3, services are in place: We have 26 provinces and cities in the country set up marketing centers, purchasing, production, sales management throughout the implementation of ERP. Our service policy is close to the market, timely adjustment, at any time, the fastest the best to meet market demand.

4, brand promotion: The company will arrange every year a certain product promotion, and continues to Advertisement Publicity, increase investment, to ensure that Eagle shares in the country to enjoy considerable popularity and reputation.

I think that as long as these advantages into full play, Eagle shares in the market recognition of a natural thing.

HC network: circulation in the channels, how your company with the support of their dealers? Sunzong: We practice the Province as agent marketing model, while some areas authorized dealer. Our agents and distributors are after long-term co-operation to grow up, have a profound trust in each other and understanding. Factories with agents mainly in time delivery, branding, promotions, after-sales service support. Although these elements are all conventional items, but as long as both sides to implement it into practice, we will be able in the process of marketing play a huge effect.

HC Net: brand culture has become more and more people in the industry consensus, please talk about your understanding of the brand, your company’s brand strategy objectives? Specific work?

Sunzong: competition in the market today, in the final analysis is the brand competition. Our brand strategy can be summarized as walking on two legs: First, cultivate, and second, mergers and acquisitions. Current “Eagle shares”, which owns two brands, “HUAUTO” (Watertown) and “Shan-shan.” Which “HUAUTO” brake is the identity of intellectual property export markets. “Mountain Mountain” brand mainly for the domestic dimension

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