Looking for a New Cable Provider

I just got down to Fort Bragg North Carolina this morning. I am apparently going to be down here for around six months from what I can tell. I have been working for a defense contractor and I am going to be working on Fort Bragg for the foreseeable future. There was a lot of things involved in making it happen. One guy somewhere apparently married a wealthy woman and told the company where to go, then they started scrambling to fill the gap. The guy who was down here was the best person to move. I am at internetproviders.us/cable-internet-providers/ looking for my new cable company, but I am pretty sure that I am in the wrong place. It does not really say what it seems to imply that it is going to say. It gives you a phone number to call, but the adverts on the pages are all exactly the same no matter what town or city you pick.

At any rate I have been thinking about getting the cheapest thing that I can find. Of course I am not sure that I should get some sort of thing where I need to sign a long term deal of any sort. The company jerked me up from where I was up in New Jersey and sent me down here in a two shakes and they could easily do the exact same thing again if the situation changes. So I am not planning on putting down roots any more than I did when I was with the United States marine corps. If they decide that I am going to be some place else then I am going to go to some other place. I do not mind the change in climate. It was 23 degrees when I left NJ and shirt sleeve weather when I got down here.

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