Looking for a Place in Birmingham

I am thinking about just taking an apartment for the short term. I talked to a guy at a place called cottonwood residential property management and I am trying to talk them into letting me get a pretty flexible lease on a two bedroom apartment. Of course for now there is only me, but I will need an extra room for an office. I am going to be down here at least for about five or six months, but I am not really sure what happens once we get operations up and running down here. In essence my boss has taken over a local company, pretty much assuming it’s debts in return. It was just too good of a deal for him to pass up. In essence we stopped them from foreclosing on the place after the original owner got into some serious issues with debts. He just got in over his head. At the same time this is not a place that is worth anything without a person who knows how to run the thing.

It is in trouble too. In the end we might end up cannibalizing what is worth saving and dumping the rest. At the worst they write the loss off of their taxes, but if I can save the place it gets us into a new market and we use the place as a springboard into this region. First we need people who know what they are doing, I have to train the people and the hope (at least it is my hope) is that I will find some person who is qualified to take over for me. I am afraid that I will end up having to move the wife and kids down here, but that is not very simple. The kids are in high school and the wife has her own career.

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