Never Buy a Home Without Insurance

Recently, I learned a very important lesson that I would like to share with my friends: home insurance is just about the most important kind of insurance that you can give yourself if you own a home. After buying a home in Houston recently, I didn’t even think of getting houston home owners insurance. I was just so busy moving and with the home being a second home that I would be using in the Winter, I probably wasn’t thinking about the things that I needed most just because it was a part time home. I was back in California at the time of the fire which consumed my home, leaving me nothing but ashes and hundreds of thousands of dollars of money lost. If I had just filed for home owners insurance this could all have been avoided, I would not have lost this investment nor would I have to be going through the process of finding another home.

This time I will definitely ensure that there is insurance on the house. Part of me was almost glad that I didn’t have insurance on the house, the dark humored side of me, just because of how suspicious it might have looked. The house had only been standing for three months before the fire took it – definitely could have looked like a case of fraud, if anything. It turned out to be some kid playing with gasoline in hopes of making napalm. He knew nobody had been living in the house for sometime and decided that it was the best place for him to conduct his absurd experiments. Perhaps I should have also invested in better locks or a security system, maybe even hired someone to watch over the property while I’m in California instead of leaving it so vulnerable.

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