Skills Analysis to Identify Poor Quality Auto Parts

View from parts of the shape and position tolerances: the dimensional tolerances of the parts of the same group is not in the same range; the top pinhole of the parts is rough, installation positioning hole, and pin deviated; individual deflection of a group of evenly distributed holes, spacing ranging mostly substandard parts. Example: piston pins, shafts, valve. From the front diffuser Forester parts performance point of view: such as switch parts, can simulate the state of the operating to carry out experiment, those whose feeling is poor, and flip resistance is large is the substandard parts.

Some flexible parts can carry out wrench, pull, press test, if feel too soft or strong, whose free height is inconsistency can be judged as poor-quality accessories. For example: valve springs, oil pump, various valves, Air compressor, etc. From the material selection of the parts point of view: the poor quality cast iron takes instead of cast steel; replace the alloy steel and high-strength carbon steel with low carbon steel; replace engineering plastics with ordinary recycled plastic; take ordinary rubber instead of high-temperature resistant, high-speed rubber; take recycled rubber instead of synthetic rubber, are poor quality parts, which can carry out microstructure experiments and hardness testing if the condition allows(experienced chef can distinguish by listen to the tapping sound).

For sealing parts, such as oil seals, if the color is bright, the size does not meet the national standard, being too soft or strong, are considered substandard products. Identification of the imported parts: the feature of unqualified, non-imported parts is the packaging is in foreign language or there is syntax, word error; rough packaging and there are sales restrictions, or no entry symbol; subaru legacy 2013 door sill plate have no product serial number, rough process or obvious traces of heat treatment and so on. You can query on the Internet if the condition allows, purchasing high-quality auto parts.

Note: Remove the oil seal or retaining ring before welding, to prevent burn. In addition, pay attention to safety at the time of cutting, drilling. Install release bearing equipped with grease fittings onto the car, a man steer the release bearing under the car (below the flywheel housing), so that the grease fittings facing down; another person the clutch pedal in the cab beads, the oiling the extension rod grease gun (2 under), and then release the clutch pedal, turn laps release bearing, then clutch pedal note once inject oil lubricant, evenly distribute lubrication better installed yellow glib release bearing fitted to the car, one filling is enough, automotive clutch release bearing life can be extended to 5-6 years, the release bearing also has no need to replace even if the engine overhaul or change the friction plate. is concentrated on SUBARU exterior auto body parts’ developing, producing, selling for almost 8 years, our items including bonnet, spoiler, side visor, front bumper guard, grille, roof luggage rack, door sill plate ,strut bar, carpet and some accessories about SUBARU car.

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