Auto Shop Equipment Service May Require A Lift

One of the main pieces of equipment that any auto shop would find it very hard to function without is some type of a lift for the vehicles it services. Auto shop equipment service requires a lift in order to get under the vehicle and accurately diagnose, maintain, repair or perform replacement for the many car functions and parts accessible from it underbelly. The oil is changed; the brakes are checked; the transmission is repaired or replaced; leaks are determined and repaired along with a laundry list of other damage corrections that are sought and repaired from underneath one’s automobile. Here are different types of lifts and their purpose in the auto shop equipment service process.

The type of auto shop equipment service that a particular shop provides will determine the type of lift or lifts that will be needed in order to effectively carry out its business. In fact, herein are main types of lifts will be discussed: the two post lift, the four post lift, and the pit lift. The benefits of the two post and four post lift is that they both allow each mechanic to have full access to every part of the underside of a client’s car for a thorough maintenance experience. But each lift isn’t ideal for all auto shop equipment service. The four post lift is stable and ideal for the garage with space to accommodate it or several. Conversely, the two posts allows the mechanics to not only have access to the undercarriage but also to all four wheels for brakes, rotations and replacement requirements. And lastly, the pit lift is just as it sounds; it is for those garages with pits in their facility. The cars don’t have to be lifted very much to accommodate repairs in these situations.

Some garages are very small and barely have room for two bays. While in larger garages there is inevitably more space for multiple bays, their services, and different auto shop equipment. Service in these facilities can be full body work from one station to the next because there is also room for multiple mechanic specialties such as engine, transmission, brakes and body for multiple client’s car care. Lifts are significant pieces of equipment, aside from hand tools, that make the job easier for the mechanic. The safe operation of a vehicle depends on the proper care of one’s vehicle and the driver’s ability. The car maintenance aspect is made easier with efficient auto shop equipment services.