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Saving on Your Energy Bill

With the high number of Texas energy providers here in this state, I like to consider myself lucky. Industry in the United States is seriously suffering due to the lack of competition. There is absolutely no doubt that competition is critical to the health of any industry and for the local economies. Texas has been nothing but good for me because of this. When I first moved to the area I didn’t have a clue that I would actually have the freedom of a choice when choosing my utility provider in the area. It’s a shame that most states don’t have these awesome providers. Continue reading

Never Buy a Home Without Insurance

Recently, I learned a very important lesson that I would like to share with my friends: home insurance is just about the most important kind of insurance that you can give yourself if you own a home. After buying a home in Houston recently, I didn’t even think of getting houston home owners insurance. I was just so busy moving and with the home being a second home that I would be using in the Winter, I probably wasn’t thinking about the things that I needed most just because it was a part time home. I was back in California at the time of the fire which consumed my home, leaving me nothing but ashes and hundreds of thousands of dollars of money lost. If I had just filed for home owners insurance this could all have been avoided, I would not have lost this investment nor would I have to be going through the process of finding another home.

This time I will definitely ensure that there is insurance on the house. Continue reading

Looking for a Place in Birmingham

I am thinking about just taking an apartment for the short term. I talked to a guy at a place called cottonwood residential property management and I am trying to talk them into letting me get a pretty flexible lease on a two bedroom apartment. Of course for now there is only me, but I will need an extra room for an office. I am going to be down here at least for about five or six months, but I am not really sure what happens once we get operations up and running down here. In essence my boss has taken over a local company, pretty much assuming it’s debts in return. It was just too good of a deal for him to pass up. In essence we stopped them from foreclosing on the place after the original owner got into some serious issues with debts. He just got in over his head. Continue reading

Just Started Working for a Radio Station

I just got a part time job working for a radio station that broadcasts all over Queensland and New South Wales. I am not going to be there for long probably, but it is a good enough job while I am out of school. In fact I just ran into a friend of mine who was handing out promotional products on the Gold Coast. They were having a live broadcast from a surf contest there and after awhile I got to talking to the girl who was in charge of it. I was not really looking for a job, because my plan was to have a bit of fun on my break.

Looking for a New Cable Provider

I just got down to Fort Bragg North Carolina this morning. I am apparently going to be down here for around six months from what I can tell. I have been working for a defense contractor and I am going to be working on Fort Bragg for the foreseeable future. There was a lot of things involved in making it happen. One guy somewhere apparently married a wealthy woman and told the company where to go, then they started scrambling to fill the gap. The guy who was down here was the best person to move. I am at looking for my new cable company, but I am pretty sure that I am in the wrong place. Continue reading