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Leveling Kits Improve Gas Mileage With A Leveling Kit

Leveling kits practically avoid the spotlight when it comes to 4×4 and off-road parts, but this certainly shouldnt suggest that a leveling kit isnt an essential piece of hardware.

In fact, with gas prices as high as they are these days, many truck, Jeep, and SUV owners are looking for ways to conserve gas and lessen the impact to their wallet. This is where leveling kits come into play.

Though you might not guess, a leveling kit can actually have a decent impact on your gas mileage numbers, and knowing how it can have an effect on your suspension system can save you a bundle in both gas and maintenance costs.

How a Leveling Kit Affects Fuel Economy

When we talk about how a leveling kit impacts gas mileage, one should note that were pleading common sense in terms of saving gas. In other words, optimizing gas mileage from the perspective of leveling kits wont produce a massive jump in MPG numbers.

Rather, leveling kit are one of the many pieces of equipment that affect gas mileage over a longer period of time, or contribute as one of many enhancements you can make to your vehicle for improved mileage in the short term.

In either case, herein, well discuss ways a leveling kit, or lack thereof, can affect your gas mileage.

Overview of Leveling Lift Kits

Vehicle customization is one of the most exciting parts of owning a 4×4 vehicle; however, modifying your ride can often be a complicated endeavor that can produce a wide range of unforeseen side effects.

One issue in particular that commonly plagues 4×4 enthusiasts is suspension sag. Depending on the type of vehicle you own and the lift kit you add, customization can sometimes cause a vehicle to ride with an uneven stance; that is, one end rides lower than the other.

Other factors can sometimes play a role in this as well. Even if you perform a perfectly level suspension install, additional items like heavy duty front bumpers and winches can sometimes weigh down the front end.

Aside from just plain being unsightly, an uneven stance can also affect performance over the long haul. It puts more strain on your suspension, and can also cause tires to wear faster or deflate easier.

Leveling kits are the perfect solution for eliminating sag, as they are fairly easy to install, and allow you to add those extra precious inches to even out your ride. A few inches may not seem like much, but youd be surprised just how big of a difference a leveling kit can make.

Managing Tire Wear

It is general knowledge that front tires wear faster and deflate easier than rear tires, simply due to the added movement and strain that steering causes. Now throw in front end sag, and your front tires are wearing out even faster.

Nothing affects both on and off-road performance like uneven tires, and not to mention, gas mileage. In fact, under-inflated tires are one of the leading causes of loss in fuel economy for both everyday commuters and off-road enthusiasts.

Add a leveling kit, and suddenly your tires offer tread life and performance like they should. Leveling kits can extend tire life and reduce deflation, thereby allowing you to maximize fuel economy, and also get much improved tread life in the long run.

A Complete Overhaul

What good is having a truck or utility vehicle if you arent putting it to work?

Using your 4×4 vehicle for towing, load-hauling, and other constructive applications is a common practice amongst truck, Jeep, and SUV owners. But putting your vehicle under great duress is another factor that impacts mileage and performance.

Enter block kits, or leveling kits that lift the rear of a vehicle. A block kit can help compensate for the added weight or load on the rear end of your vehicle, thereby lessening the strain, and allowing for more efficient all-around performance.

A vehicle with a raised rear offers less drag when towing or hauling, and more all-around stability for those really tough jobs, ultimately translating to long term gas mileage improvements.

A Matter of Inches

In the end, a few inches can make a huge difference in improving or hindering your fuel economy.

Leveling kits are just one of the many ways to ensure that youre getting the best MPG possible with your vehicle, and along with a leveling kit, the right combination of components can go a long way in improving your gas mileage.

Kolkata Auto Part Smes Yet To See A Complete Turnaround

Kolkata Auto Part Smes Yet To See A Complete Turnaround

Although the Indian auto sector may have been able to tide over the recessionary pressures owing to surge in auto sales, small-scale auto parts vendors in Kolkata are still to witness green shoots. Undoubtedly, recessionary pressures are ebbing, thereby providing cheer to the citys auto SME vendors but the ride is still far from being smooth for them.

Kolkata-based SME auto parts manufacturers and suppliers are still struggling to stay afloat and looking for ways that can help them recover their business losses suffered during the last financial year, due to the global economic slowdown. Not many city-based small auto components manufacturers foresee a complete turnaround before the beginning of the next financial year.

Worst over, but problems still persists

SMEs in Kolkatas auto parts sector expect a complete recovery not before March-April 2010, when hopes will be pinned on the annual budget with the expectation that the government will initiate series of measures to help the industry emerge from the crisis.

The worst is now over, but we are still to gain the momentum that we enjoyed before the crisis. The losses incurred during the recession are huge and we hope to recover most of it with the help of government support, said Dharmesh Gupta, proprietor of Dayal Auto Services, a small-sized auto parts supplier in Kolkata.

Even though sales have improved this year as compared to last year, problems for the citys auto parts sector seem to have compounded. Many of the SME auto parts manufacturers had expanded their capacities in the hope of gaining contracts from the Tata Nano factory in Singur. However, the Nano-exit from Singur has left them in a quandary.

Most of the small-scale auto vendors in the city purchased new machineries, while many expanded their production facilities in hope of supplying parts to Tata Nano factory. Now, they are clueless as to how to use their enhanced capacities, said Sanjay Mehta, proprietor of Supreme Auto Motors, a small-sized auto parts supplier.

Although the market demand has picked up and sales have soared following the rise in business sentiment on both global and domestic fronts, ground realities for Kolkata-based SME auto parts exporters and suppliers still remain weak.

Kia Auto Parts In The Forefront Of The Korean Auto

Kia Auto Parts In The Forefront Of The Korean Auto Boom Wave

From a humble beginning as a maker of bicycles in Korea, Kia automobiles today prides itself in being one of the best automotive manufacturers in the world. It has achieved remarkable success as a maker of high-quality and affordable automobiles. Besides, Kia auto parts have proved their mettle as a dependable player in the aftermarket for replacement and maintenance.

The Korean automobile industry, as also Korean auto parts makers, has achieved unusual success, even though the industry has been sandwiched between high-profile, high-priced Japan and newly emerging low-priced China.

Great Prospects In The Horizon For Korean Auto Parts Industry

Boom time is round the corner for the likes of Kia auto parts. Nearly 70 percent of U.S. buyers have shown their willingness to increase their purchases of South Korean auto parts once the Korean-US free trade agreement will come into effect. The free trade agreement once ratified by the legislature of both countries will almost completely eliminate tariff barriers and offer protection to multinational financial sectors and firms like Kia auto parts. The key reason cited by U.S. automakers is the price competitiveness of the auto parts and uncompromising strict quality requirements. Under the Free Trade Agreement signed in November 2010, the United States will immediately lift all tariff barriers from South Korean auto parts and gradually phase out tariff on South Korean automobiles. The makers of Kia auto parts are upbeat, as this agreement is expected to markedly improve sales to the United States in the coming years.

Why This Beeline to the Korean Industry?

To understand why America is making a beeline to Korea, you firstly need to have a glance at South Korea’s automotive and auto parts industry. The Korean auto industry today is the fifth largest in the world in terms of production and sixth largest in terms of exports volume. Almost all makers, including Kia auto parts, are benefitting from this unprecedented surge in growth.

What Is The Reason?

We all know once Korean auto products were considered to be unreliable because they were mundane, cheap, and devoid of quality, but not anymore. Although considered to be inferior in the past, Korea has now shrugged off that second-rate image and has caught up with the best manufacturing standards in the world. This was a great leap forward for the Korean automobile industry. As the exports of makers like Kia automobiles surged ahead, so did the volumes of car parts. Not surprising, because companies like Kia auto parts were quick to adapt themselves to the changing conditions in the automobile industry. For example, Korean auto parts makers realized the singular advantage of being in close interaction with the automakers, which gave them a lead time of being quick in upgrading their products in terms of both quality and innovation.

Kia auto parts now have a niche market in the United States. This confidence has been driven no less by the popularity of Rio, the most affordable four-door sedan to the well-accepted compact SUV Sportage. Besides, Kia has always ensured that safety is of paramount importance, right from the design to the manufacturing stage.

For exclusive Kia Auto Parts go to Four Green which is, since 1980, has been in the business of supplying top quality Korean car parts like Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, and SssangYang. The company has warehouses located in Seoul, Korea and Detroit, Michigan.

Kentucky Auto Parts Salvaging

An auto parts salvaging yard is utilized to store and scrap cars that are either old, unused or in poor condition. These business entities will store these unused automobiles in systematically organized rows to promote better efficiency. Machines are normally a part of the process. They are used to flatten these vehicles and make them more compact for easier storage. Whenever there are functioning parts present within the vehicle being scrapped or stored they will usually be taken out and sold. Nowadays, cars that are stored are inventoried using special codes that are entered in a computer database to improve the searching for and organization of these vehicles.

The parts that are removed include the more peripheral parts like the headlights, mirrors, tail lights, blinkers etc. If these are in in relatively good condition then they may be sold to prospective customers. The more vital parts like the transmission and engine are often purchased by car manufacturers who may recondition these parts and sell them with a special warranty. Some older cars are maintained to the liking of classical car enthusiasts. Because these older car parts are probably no longer manufactured, salvage yards may gain a good profit from the sale of these seldom seen parts.

Kentucky does not deviate from most other states where salvage yards are concerned. It boasts a viable auto parts salvaging industry. Most junk yards or wreck yards will normally integrate a useful salvaging practice into their regular operations. However for any salvaging yard to operate within Kentucky or any other state appropriate licensing by the associated state authorities is a must. If you are interested in accessing parts from a salvaging yard and live in Kentucky, then you may simply search online which has a great listing of multiple salvage yards that operate in the state. It is important that once you have an interest in acquiring parts from a salvage yard that you comparison shop to get the best parts and prices.

Keeping Track Of Your Car Restoration Progress

To be a good restorer of antique cars requires that you have the ability and desire to keep good records. Unless you have a photographic memory, it is very unlikely that you will remember all of the minute details associated with your particular classic auto. Plus, with all of the information recording tools at our disposal today, there’s really no good reason to not keep records of your progress.

Today, just about everyone owns a computer. And nearly all of them have a spreadsheet or similar piece of software for doing mathematical calculations. But the software is good for storing information as well. When you begin your auto restoration project, you will without doubt be poring through parts catalogs and assembly manuals searching for the specific parts that you need. And, a spreadsheet is just about the ideal tool for storing and accessing this data. It is extremely simple to put together a replacement parts spreadsheet that will contain items such as parts description, parts source, parts number, manufacturer, estimated price, and any other information that could help organize your search for parts.

A spreadsheet, or similar piece of software, is a great and inexpensive database system. In addition, it is flexible enough to let you to sort and re-organize your collected data with very little effort. You may not even have to create your auto replace parts spreadsheet yourself. There are many places on the Internet where you can download the perfect spreadsheet for your needs for a small price and sometimes even free.

Another excellent record keeping tool is the simple tape or digital audio recorder. This allows you to keep a running commentary of the condition of the auto, the parts that need to be ordered, what work has to be done, and so on. Most people find the process of talking into a recorder, much easier than having to stop every few minutes to write your thoughts down on a note pad.

And, for even better record keeping, you can have your audio recording transcribed into a written document. This way you will be able to refer back to it as you continue on with your restoration. You can find many transcription services, at reasonable prices. on the Internet.

It is true that an audio recorder does have its limitations. For example, it can’t provide you with a visual record or your progress as a digital camera or video cam would do. Nevertheless, it can still be a useful tool. And, using a remote start-stop activator will also be advantageous in helping you avoid recording random shop noises while you’re working on the auto.

It can be a bit of a pain to record this info. But, a good restorer understands that it is important to keep records. And, in the long run, these records will make any restoration job easier.