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Semi Metallic Vs Ceramic Brake Pads

Are you hearing that familiar squeal from your brakes that means your brake pads are in need of replacement? If so, you should consider which type of brake pads you should use. Ceramic brake pad linings are a relatively new compound in the automotive world. Cars first started coming equipped with ceramic brake pads in the early 90s. The ceramic compounds have changed significantly since the first introduction into the marketplace. Initial concerns with the original ceramic compounds focused on the reduced stopping power with cold brakes, and premature wear of the rotors. This was because the original compound was adapted from automotive racing, and when you are racing a vehicle the brakes are being treated in a very different way than during every day driving situations. Tires, brakes and the engine reach a significantly higher operating temperature in race vehicles and this is the temperature that the ceramic components were designed to operate in. The ceramic materials are now more suitable for every day driving and are considered an upgrade regardless of whether the vehicle was originally equipped with semi-metallic, ceramic, or organic pads.

Advantages are seen with all brake lining compounds, however, the only advantage that the semi-metallic pad offers is its incredibly low price. Although both compounds do an excellent job of stopping your vehicle, there are some notable advantages specific to ceramic brake pads. First and foremost, the ceramic pad does not create a visible brake dust that blackens your wheels. If you have wheels that you are proud of, i.e. chrome or wheels that cost more than your vehicle; you will be a big fan of the ceramic brake pad. The second advantage is the reduced tendency to squeal. The ceramic compound does not contain steel fibers; the metal content in some semi-metallic pads was found to be the source of brake squeal for some manufacturers. The ceramic compound also typically lasts longer than a semi-metallic compound, and this is seen as an advantage with most vehicles, because pads normally wear out quicker than the rotors. Finding a perfect balance of wear between rotors and pads, so that rotors need to be replaced at the same time as the pads do, is the ideal situation. Ceramics typically help make this happen, but most vehicles brake designs are quite different and this is not always the case.

Once you know the difference between the two products the choice becomes clear. If you are replacing the pads on your daily driver you should pay the incrementally higher price and purchase the superior ceramic brake pads. If you are only trying to keep that old beater alive for another year then maybe you will find the semi-metallics to be the more suitable and economical choice. Bottom line, like all auto repairs there are options when it comes to the quality of the replacement auto part that you use to keep your car or truck on the road. Cheaper is not always better – there are a number of factors to consider.

Selling Car Parts On Ebay, A Simple Start Up Part

Selling Car Parts On Ebay, A Simple Start Up Part 1

Not a business opportunity for everyone but a market where there is a substantial business to be built. It’s major disadvantage is the space required to park a car, or cars for dismantling and space for the storage of parts. Also there is the cost of a basic tool kit to allow the easy disassembly of the vehicle.

I came across this idea when my old Rover died and was beyond economic repair, it had been with me 10 years and it was like loosing the family pet. I phoned around the scrap yards and the best offer I had for my car was $15 which I regarded as a complete insult, the parts sold separately would be worth far more than $15. so I tried the idea and put my radio/CD player for sale on eBay and that brought in $20 straight away.

I then advertised some of the other parts such as the front and rear lights. Again these sold very quickly as did some of the interior switches and pieces of trim. Over a few weeks I sold some of the smaller, easy to dismantle engine parts such as the distributor, water and oil pumps. I then sold the window glass and the side light glass (I didn’t bother with the front and rear wind screens). I think I must have taken over $250 which was considerably more than the $15 I was offered for the full vehicle.

But here’s the best bit, I sold the remains of the car for $15 to one of the scrap merchants. There is always a demand for second hand car parts, and most of the large components where still present in the vehicle. The obvious place to start is eBay but by staying with eBay you will limit your options. If you want to do this to make money on a consistent basis then register yourself with one of the online part services.

Here’s how it works, you register your details with one of these brokers together with your parts inventory, when someone makes a enquiry to the company (this is done online) they will receive a series of e-mails with the details of each vendor that has the part for sale, together with the selling price. Each company is different but it is easy to see how the system will work. Obviously be competitive with the pricing and conduct your own research.

Some companies will charge you a flat monthly fee or annual fee to register rather than take a commission on each sale, they will then e-mail directly to you the parts enquiry and you can then deal directly with the customer.
Here’s how, register under another e-mail address as a buyer and submit a series of enquiries for the parts that you have on offer, you can then gauge the correct pricing for the part and for the transit costs.
In part 2 how to obtain your stock.

Select Used Auto Parts Better

By purchasing used auto parts you are helping to lessen the pollution to the environment. Automotive recycling plays an important role in conserving natural resources and minimizing the demand on scarce landfill space. Other then lessening the negative impact on natural resources, Automotive recycling plays a major role in reducing water pollution, air pollution and solid waste generation.

Especially with today’s tough economic climate making it more difficult for many people to earn and save money. But by using used pinion and crown wheel, not only can you save money, you can also help conserve natural resources, and still get the correct specified parts for your car. For these reason, thousands of people every year elect to purchase used car parts.

With this increase in demand, the internet has become an ideal vehicle in bringing the buyers and sellers of used auto parts together. Before you make your used crown wheel pinion import purchase online, here is a general guide to assist you in choosing the right auto parts at the best price.

Maintenance center to ask for free replacement pinion and crown wheel or do valuations back a list of potential cost far more than part of the cost is high and breathtaking, they the price begins to someone to enter. This is when you are in this situation, everyone can take advantage of the price in a auto parts warehouse.

Is not only a auto parts warehouse found on the web to connect their top manufacturers wholesale, it can save you a lot of money, but they usually have the online sales, this means that the more save for you. See a crown wheel pinion import warehouse is located in the online payment methods and payment plan, daily deals, coupons, and provide free shipping is not rare.

When you’re ready to check out online auto parts warehouse, need to open a webpage, the plug-in in what you are looking for, find it easily defined segment of the warehouse. How many repair work will cost you to get the total estimated cost, only need to use the site for free repair estimate calculator.

Screeching Brakes Saves Lives

When the anti-lock braking system was brought to the automotive world, everybody seemed quite amazed by it. Really, even at present, many people are continuously surprised by what this whole invention does. And many car makers are now offering this feature as a standard option in the vehicles in their stables.

Would you imagine? Such a breakthrough in the automotive industry now gives drivers and passengers the chance to feel safe while driving. After all, just imagine that while you drive and you encounter a situation where it might lead you to a crash or collision, the anti-lock braking system, or commonly dubbed as ABS, would now prevent the wheels to lock up while you are braking. This has been created as such so that the driver would still have control of the steering wheel. That way, you can still steer clear of that big old oak tree that seems to have suddenly appeared on your path. And you would not have to rush to the nearest auto parts dealer to order some Ford Festiva parts to replace those that received those nasty scratches and dents on your vehicle.

However, no matter how great the advantages this system has, there are still disadvantages to it. Remember that vehicles equipped with the anti-lock braking system does not emit that screeching sound that has previously become the trademark of vehicles that suddenly have the brakes depressed while running under high speeds. But it was suddenly found out that the screeching brakes without the ABS brakes actually save lives.

So now you are asking how. Well, just imagine you walking down the street without knowledge that a car is suddenly careening down your way. The driver of the vehicle sees you and depressed the brake pedal. Good thing, the vehicle does not have ABS brakes so you hear the screeching sounds. That way, you are alerted that a vehicle is coming your way so you jump out of harms way. See? You were saved. But if the vehicle did have the ABS system, you might have been rushed and wheeled away to the nearest hospital.

Well, it now seems that the use of ABS brakes is now up to those who own vehicles. Drivers can now opt to use these brakes or not. You can now choose to have screeching brakes that may save other peoples lives or you can use ABS brakes to save your life.

Restoring An Old Bicycle

Restoring an old or vintage bike can be a daunting task but can be very rewarding upon completion. There are certain rules to follow and precautions to take before jumping into a full bicycle restoration. But, the hardest part may be deciding on which style or type of bike you would like to restore. Old beach cruisers and commuter bikes almost always come out looking beautiful.

When restoring an old or vintage bicycle the first step would be to disassemble the bike. This procedure often makes people very excited and they take parts off without fully remembering where they go when it’s time to start rebuilding the bike. When taking your bike apart keep a close eye on all the pieces you are taking off so you can remember where they go back on.

Once your bike is stripped you can begin removing any rust and paint. You can buy rust removing products at your local hardware store. You can also use steel wool to remove rust from the metal parts and sandpaper to remove the paint. Most people don’t realize this but it is a cool idea to wear a medical mask while removing rust and paint so you don’t breathe in any loose particles.

Now that all paint and rust are removed you can begin to paint. The best paint and primer to use would be auto spray paint which can be obtained at your local auto parts store and some hardware stores. You always want to start with a white base layer because it helps the paint stick to the metal. Once you have a base layer you can now spray using the auto paint. You want to spray about 12-18 inches away from the parts and frame. Once you put a few layers of paint on you can use a clear coat enamel to finish the paint job.

Your bike should be looking pretty sharp now. It is time to start putting your bike together. When adding the cranks, headset, and pedals you will want to re-grease them using bike grease. Just oil your chain and you are all set to enjoy your fully restored bicycle.